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Constantia:    Thu Sep 16 19:53:56 2004
She makes great mead...CIDER...I mean...hiccup...
Dafne (Daphne) Fraser:    DaphneBD{at} Mon Jan 10 07:52:03 2005
Yup, that's me! I'm be making more cider for this years Pennsic, too! Thanks Constantia!
Theia:    Mon Feb 14 15:50:50 2005
Hey Daphne, Will I finally get some of your great cider, that I keep hearing about? Figures you start brewing After leaving the West Kingdom. Too Cool that you are getting to fight more frequently.
Dafne:    DaphneBD{at} Tue Feb 15 06:28:30 2005
Even if I don't get to go to Pennsic 34, my cider will! But I'd rather share it with you personally! Wish me luck!

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