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Ryan McWhyte:    Fri Sep 3 13:53:36 2004
No sight is as beautiful as the Tuchux charging past you.
alonzio:    Fri Sep 3 17:32:40 2004
the Marshal is Tessa the Huntress. Society Combat Archery Marshal.
John:    Tue Sep 7 08:53:41 2004
Unit on the right is elements of the Barony of the Middle Marches - 25 fighters held that point about 10 minutes. After the battle both sides shook hands on a great fight!
Lobo of the wolf clan tuchux:    Tue Nov 30 14:36:32 2004
your right Ryan oooowhaaa tuchux
Tigernach:    tigernach{at} Fri Apr 1 17:32:51 2005
At the far right, fighting with Middle Marches, is Duke Comar gyr Mirand's unit House Vexillarius, bearing the Mountain and Stars in Azure and Argent, of which I have the honor to be a member. I am, as usual, standing JUST outside the edge of the picture frame.  
That was a WONDERFUL fight. We took four charges without losing ANY ground at all; then we began to take casualties... But for 10 wild minutes, the Calontir Line behind us could take their rest.... until it was time for their OWN heroic defense.
Tigernach:    tigernach{at} Fri Apr 1 17:42:33 2005
Oooh.. small correction I meant to say Greater Vexillarius, because a number of Duke Sir Comar's former squires- now Knights - still fight in Vex colors or bear Vex Warshields. The White Belt at right is on Sir Baldwin of Chelmsford, called Badger.  
Behind him, is striped pants, Baron Ragnar Karlsson, asn .. wait .. I AM here... Straight DOWN from the axeblade there is a spot of brown alongside the polearm .. that's the horsehair crest on my spangenhelm! The crestholder is on the other side of the haft. Ah, well.....

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