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Lady Maryette Rhianna Cantrell:    sheba65{at} Fri Sep 3 22:05:19 2004
Wonderful pictures. Thank you for posting them.
Ossen:    Fri Sep 3 22:49:34 2004
You are quite welcome.
Rhys:    ryskien{at} Sat Sep 4 11:36:50 2004
This was the East attacking, right side gate. The bare chested figher with the striped spear is Nicor, one of the three Chieftans of Teaghlach.
Bosk:    Sat Sep 4 21:13:57 2004
Hey, I know that striped spear.
Cian MacFhearghuis:    Sat Sep 11 19:46:16 2004
That's me representing House Ost Thorpe (with Black Flag Bars on my Cloak). My spear at the ready - I believe I was about to be pushed to my death into the "water".
Sir Malachi von Uri:    Malachiuri{at} Sat Jan 22 19:25:12 2005
Wow... thats me in blue right dead in the center with the halberd and bare forearms. I never knew how nekked my arms looked till this pic. This was some great fighting, one of the high points of my war. I cant say enough about the great folks we in Calontir faced that day.

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