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Little Kender:    Sat Sep 4 10:46:53 2004
Clan Kindred of the Wolf!  
Lady Adrienne:    Mon Sep 6 07:44:05 2004
The unit at the bottom right, blue and black tabards is the Barony of St. Swithin's Bog. The gentle in the middle of the unit in purple and red is Laird Wulfric Grimbeald of Clan Wulfgard. This was the unit of "some Baron and his lackeys [that] punched though us [Calontir] like tin-foil."
Ælfric:    Mon Sep 6 16:35:07 2004
My wife and i single camped next to clan Wulfgard. Very nice people.
wildcat:    Thu Nov 4 05:53:55 2004
Great party Kindred! Hi Kender!
tasslehoff:    Tue Nov 30 17:31:16 2004
why don't you put a picture of me??
Baron Johann of the ShadowClans:    Wed Mar 2 17:56:53 2005
Nice job on your gate, love the stonework, and I'm particularly enjoying the burnt look thats so fashionable this year.

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