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Maggie MacKeith:    Thu Sep 15 19:15:08 2005
Midrealm Royal Gate
A Proud Midrealmer:    Fri Sep 16 11:04:31 2005
Wish you could see the doors closed with the fantastic ironwork by Temugi Khan of the Moritu and Sir Theo of Cleftlands!
My two cents:    Tue Sep 20 06:31:59 2005
The musketeers looked a lot better. Those guys were great.
Paul Radocy:    pradocy{at} Fri Jan 20 17:25:46 2006 and my dad went last year for the first time and walked right past that...pretty kwel stuff  
Rue Ann Stahl:    Dark_Raven7000{at} Thu Mar 16 12:52:20 2006
Does anyone know who made this struc-ture and what their email addy is as I would like to build something like this for myself and would like to know if I could get the plans for this structure from them. I love castles even if it's just the front part of one.
Angharad:    Fri Jul 14 23:05:39 2006
The gate was made by friends of King Alaric. You might start with Syr Theodric von Rostock and Sir Conrad Schwartwolf in Cleftlands. You can find them at Nosse Eldesar camp at Pennsic, where you will find the original of the gates (these were version 2 of their camp gate).

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