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Frequently Asked Questions on Visiting / First-Timers

This is my first time. What should I bring?
Check out my pack list.

I'd like to visit for just a day/weekend. Can I do that?
Yes, but you must pay the full site fee (up to $135) to cover your stay for the entire event. In other words, you cannot just "day-trip." The only way to get in is to be a fully paid, fully registered participant of the event regardless of how long you actually stay.

Do you have to be a member of the S.C.A. to participate?
No. Membership is not required at this time, though it may be in the future. Non-members must pay a higher fee, supposedly for extra liability insurance. You may be interested to know that a significant percentage of attendees (maybe 30% or more) are not members.

Do SCA members receive a discount?
Yes. There is a nominal (about $20) discount for being a member of the S.C.A. Note that you must provide proof of membership which can be a member card or copy of your kingdom newsletter. It must show proof that your membership is current. In the past there has been a membership signup booth on-site allowing you to register and get the discount immediately, however this booth is not open every day of war.

Where can I get current information?
There are many on-line resources for information. If you have a specific question you might want to try posting to the Pennsic Tribes board at, or to the Usenet group (a.k.a. "The Rialto"). Schedules for battles and classes are available in a booklet handed out at Troll.

Do I have to pre-register to attend?
Pre-registration is not a requirement, however there are some advantages such as a discount on your site fee. For more details on pre-registration, see this page.

Can I get into Pennsic War as a member of the Press?
Yes, there is a Media Liaison you need to contact in order to arrange for a press pass and an escort. Contact the S.C.A. several weeks before Pennsic War to make arrangements.

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