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Mystic Mail - Internet Access at Pennsic War

Internet and Media Services

The Mundane World doesn't stop just because you're at Pennsic War....

We're the only on-site merchant establishment at Cooper's Lake campground to offer high speed internet access and a full range of printing and media services. Pennsic 43 (2014) will be our 13th year serving the Pennsic community. We welcome you to our establishment and wish you an enjoyable and relaxing stay at War!

Mystic Mail will be returning in 2014!


  • High Speed Internet - Computer access using our computers or yours
  • Email access
  • FAX - send and receive
  • Photocopying
  • Document Scanning
  • Printing - Black-and-white or Color.
    Pennsic University Documents
  • Photo Archiving - download and burn your pennsic photos to CD

Look for the sign of the Mystic Mail Gypsy...
near the food court!

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