Pennsic War  


What To Do After The War

Or... A Post Pennsic War Checklist

1. Wash Feast Gear
Pennsic well water and washtubs are good for on-site cleaning but you really should do a thorough job before packing it all away. Give all your plates, dishes, and feastware a good scrub in a civilized kitchen sink or drop them into the dishwasher for good measure. Remember that most wood products should be hand washed because they might crack in the dishwasher.
2. Develop Film Rolls
Don't wait until Christmas to develop all the lovely photos you took at the War. Film degrades (slowly) over time and you probably want to have your pictures developed as soon as you can anyway.
3. Mothball Your Woolens
It's probably several more months before you'll need your woolen goods again, so pack them away with moth crystals or cedarwood. I bring up this point because I sheepishly have to admit that my woolens suffered minor moth damage this year which I discovered only just before Pennsic. So today I went to the lumber store and bought a pack of dirt cheap "Wood Shims" made of white cedar and threw them in with my wool garb and capes.

This year I'm also experimenting with cedar oil I purchased from the Perfumed Dragon. A 1/4 oz. vial cost only $4 and they claimed it would be strong enough to repel moths. Almost any form of cedar wood can be used with your garb if you don't like the smell of moth crystals. Many stores sell overpriced cedarwood chunks (shaped like balls or hearts) but for the same price or less you can get a bulk bag of cedar shavings (used for animal bedding and available at pet stores) or fresh cedar lumber.

4. Pre-Register for Pennsic 31
Yes! You've survived Pennsic 30 but now it's time to register for next year. You can find details on this web page. Home - Search - FAQ - Photos - Pennsic People Database - Comments - Advertising
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