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Email: (optional field) Enter the e-mail address for yourself or the contact of your group. Only one e-mail can be specified on this line, but if you want to list others, use the Description field.

How We Protect You from SPAM - Although your email will be shown on your listing, we make it difficult for spammers to find it because our database requires an intelligent "query" to access your listing. So it is unlikely you will receive SPAM as a result of your listing on Pennsic.Net.

Handle (optional field) This is a one-word name you can use to access several parts of Pennsic.Net. It must be unique, less than 8 characters long. Now, when you use the Interactive Pennsic Photo Album or the Message Boards you can include your Handle. Then, people can see your Pennsic People listing when they read your message(s)!

Telephone #(optional field) Be sure to include area code or country dialling code(s) depending on where you live.
Why Provide Phone #? If you're the land-grab agent for your group, others might want to contact you before Pennsic to coordinate land allottment or just to see who their neighbors will be. If you're the chatelaine or seneschal of your group, new people might be trying to find a contact in order to join when they move to your area.

Website URL (optional field) List the URL of your website. Note that when you submit your listing, the URL will be checked immediately and invalid addresses cannot be accepted. If your site is not yet up, you can't list it until it is. Leave the "Website" field blank and come back later to edit your listing after your site is done.

Description Text (optional field) Use this space to provide any information that doesn't "fit" in the other fields. Some suggestions include:
  • Motto(s)
  • Piece of poetry
  • Alternate e-mail addresses
  • Other ways you can be reached

Mundania Home (optional field) Simply put... where do you live in "real life" when not at the War? You can include any of the following:
  • S.C.A. Kingdom
  • Barony or Shire
  • City, State, Zip, Country
  • A full mail address
  • A PO box address

Pennsic Home (optional field) Where can you be found at Pennsic? Any description or coordinate will do here. You can say: "Section E16, left fork in the road" or "At the bottom of Runestone Hill, look for white-and-green pavilion" or "30 yards West of the Solar Showers".

You don't have to be specific, and by all means fictitious locations (as long as they're in good taste) are welcome!

Your Picture (optional field) Use any (G or PG rated) picture you wish... it doesn't have to be a picture of you; it can be your group, your heraldic symbol, your dog/cat/pony, a tree, a slice of pizza, etc. Just something you want others to associate with you!

Image Restrictions

  • All images are reviewed. No "X" rated, gauche, or offensive material allowed.
  • Maximum dimensions: 600 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall.
  • Maximum size: 100,000 bytes.
  • JPG or GIF formats only.
    If you need to re-size your photo, use a professional graphics package like PaintShop Pro.

  • Activities (optional field) List the activities you or your group are involved in. For "Merchant" listings, most of these will not be appropriate but you can check them off if you want to.

    Events (optional field) List any annual events you are likely to attend, INCLUDING PENNSIC. These can be S.C.A. national events, your group events, Renaissance festivals, recreationist activities, etc.

    Member of... (optional field) Enter all groups you are assocated with, and your listing will try to link to all other listings in our database with the same name. (This will depend, of course, on other people submitting listings using the same name(s) that you do!)

    Spelling Counts!

    Keywords(optional field) Enter any additional keywords regarding things you do or groups you participate with. Any word that is already in the Description field does not have to be repeated in Keywords. People Database
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