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Photos & Text by Ailís

Due to popular demand: War photos!
The first few photos were taken at a ten man scrimmage. The main battle scenes were from the Mountain Pass Battle. I do think that some of the battle garb is just as fun and colorful as the festival outfits!
Submitted by Elazar haKanay:
The first 3 photos on the War photos page , the one with the guy on his knees putting a glove on ( that's me) are from the Calontir 5 man melee tourney of which the next two photos feature my team comprise of Her Royal Majesty of the East's personal guard.
This photo shows the great expanse of the field, and the hundreds? thousands? of warriors at battle.
This is a special photo. The guy on the right had almost passed out due to the heat. After they poured water down inside his armour the guy on the left made him stand up, put his arms around him and jump up and down. I'm not sure if this was to move the water around, get his circulation going, or just to make him laugh. Maybe all of them. But it really showed the camaraderie on the field. Home - Search - FAQ - Photos - Pennsic People Database - Comments - Advertising
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