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Countdown to Pennsic War 35

Quoth Alexander: "I can't believe I spent 5 hours making this thing when I should have been packing for Pennsic War!"

Okay, okay. Granted, some of us are a little bit obsessed with Pennsic War... some of us are counting down the days or even hours every time we look at a wall clock. Want to be even more compulsive? Try my new Countdown to Pennsic War desktop application!!!

Download Here ( v1.30, 251,242 bytes)


  • Download the zip file above.
  • Unpack it using WinZip, PKWare or your favourite archive program.
  • Install it anywhere... the desktop is the easiest place.
  • Double-click the MFC icon to run the app
  • Enjoy!!!!

Notes (more fine print)

  1. This app is *ABSOLUTELY FREE*. I mean, who would pay for something like this anyway?

  2. The program is mostly harmless -- it accesses NO resources on your system except to store your preferences and message log. It also makes no noise so your boss won't know you're using it.

  3. Use of this software is AT YOUR OWN RISK. (I need to say this as a general disclaimer; I'm sure you understand.)

  4. Version 1.30 is my fouth release, it will work only for Pennsic War 35.

  5. There is NO spyware in this app.

  6. I expect to make more advanced releases for future Pennsic Wars later on. If you have any suggestions, use the Comment Form. Home - Search - FAQ - Photos - Pennsic People Database - Comments - Advertising
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